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Magnetized Remix!!!

2008-11-07 17:16:52 by Terror-Proof

Got a whole heap of midi files yesterday (over 250+) and was going through them all choosing which ones i shall remix.

I found this one called "DJ Snowman Presents Karuma-Magnetized".So i dont know who its originaly done by but it would be nice if someone knew,would please correct me on this for when i upload it.

Im almost done should be out either today or tomorrow,Wednesday by the lastest.

Comment this for pm when i upload.


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2008-11-09 01:04:25

Hmm, midi files....yum.

I don't recognize the song sadly, can't help you with the original artist.


Terror-Proof responds:

om nom nom


2008-11-09 22:31:49

i don't intend to be not on the subject but how the heck did you get blam and save ponits i mean i have been abusing for 2 weeks and not earned 1 ponit can you please lend me a tip so i can rank up in that side of newgrounds?


Terror-Proof responds:

if your not voting on the purple flashes then you wont get any,but if you are and are still not getting any then i dunno then eh.


2008-11-12 07:17:28

lawl. I left a review for magnetized and didn't even see that it was a remix x_X. Sorry lol


2008-11-19 11:16:17

Hey, I see you are into music.

What program do you use to make music?