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2009-03-01 17:01:54 by Terror-Proof

Sorry guys but im not gonna be releasing/working on anything this year,i just feel like taking a break off for as long as i want which will prob be all this year,but if i do end up making something good enough it might be cut down and put up on here but for now im just gonna be working on learning new genres like drum n bass dubstep and just working on my mastering skills.

See you guys sometime in the near future and maybe even under a new name.


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2009-03-01 17:42:33

D: don't give us up

, we'll miss you. how soon is "near future"; as in, after the 1 year, 1 and 1/2 , 2. etc

Terror-Proof responds:

a year at most buddy


2009-03-01 17:47:09

well, you lost points with me, luckily your sleestack avatar keeps you in the green.

Terror-Proof responds:

haha the avatar has saved me many times


2009-03-01 21:34:51

Newgrounds Music artist!

no matter how little attention you get ...

I promise you are appreciated


2009-03-01 23:37:26

Oh noes.


2009-03-02 01:45:59

Radda radda?