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I dont know what to say.

2008-08-24 06:17:34 by Terror-Proof

Im just totally stuck.I just cant seem to get any of my tracks finished or even sounding have decent to me, and its really starting to get to me and stress me out which is making it even hard for me to geto to work on tracks.And on top of that even when i do work my comp is so shit on fl the usage shoots up so quick with me using stuff like nexus vanguard and zeta its pretty much impossible to work on any thing without making little bars of the song then having to render it to see what it sounds like.

So i dunno it might be a case of writers block or very shit computer,but im sure its both.

So here whats i think:I know i have gone through writers block before and when i came out of that thats when i made my track Beautiful Sunset, which was like 5 times better than any other track that i had been making the year before that.So i guess it can be for the better.

So who know,I really do think im going through some blocks atm so i dont think im gonna uploading anything till maybe the end of the year or if i do manage to create some i think sounds decent enough in the time i am gonna take off with sharing my music i might upload that.

But for now audio wise i think im just gonna leave ng alone.

Flash Flash Revolution

2008-07-12 02:38:47 by Terror-Proof

Got a pm the other day from a guy asking me if he was allowed to put my music in Flash Flash Revolution and of course i said yes and the tracks that should be include are "Tears Drop [2008 Remake}" and "Jessica {Club Mix}".Also he maybe be including "My Angel [F.P.C Remix]" "Ambient Dreams [Hard Trance Remake}" and maybe "Beautyful Sunset" but i dunno about that cause of the toms i added at the end which i shouldnt of done.
Now if you dont know what Flash Flash Revolution is well simply its game and its exactly like Dance Dance Revolution "DDR" which has taken arcade's by storm,execpt this one you dont use you feet you use your fingers on the arrows,useing your toes can be opitional.

If you want to try this game out,Heres the link: ame.php

I playled it for abit and in would say its the best version of the game you can find online.

So thats about it and im pretty stoked that i got asked to put my music into this game never thought something like this would happen.
I have no idea when my songs will be uploaded onto the game but ill hit this up when they do.

And cheers to all my fans who love my music and the surpport i got that was enough to get my 9th and 25th on all time top scoring this week which i never thought id get on top nwhich is a big achivment for me so thank youn guys so much.



2008-07-08 23:22:09 by Terror-Proof

Terror Proof production is now going to get in to full swing as of today.

For now thanks to a friend and a little website he gave me i have

ZETA BAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NEXUS IS COMING [just having problems with a "0testone.nxs" file if you know anything about it please help bammm]

But with all these your gonna here better tracks because i have some very fucking good vsti's on my side and i can save my tracks and of instead of rushing and fisnhing them in one day i can take me time to make them perfect.

My first track that should be released will be Sam Lee's track Top Of The Clouds and all my other tracks might get a reamke just cause im still kinda of out if creative feed atm but i do have a few new decent melody i have to released.

So i hope you guys will enjoy the new better sounds me cause i know i will.


Homo news

2008-06-10 01:26:35 by Terror-Proof

Hey my good fans who never comment on here :D

Got some news that i most likly wont be coming out with any new orginal tracks or planed remixed tracks till sometime after july the 21st which is my brithday and il fucking be 18 [sweet] cause by that time i shall have enough money to get a decent version of fl 8.

Just so you guys know all the tracks on here were mae with the demo so i have none of them saved or maseerted so that means they all have been a rush for me but when i do get my fl 8 reg most of them will be deleted and remade and mastered cause i know i can do alot better on my tracks than most of them sounds i just dont have the plessure of saving them.

So cheers for all the surpport and the kinda reviews and you shall expect a new better sounding Terror Proof when i get into it seriously

Later guys!!!

Sad News

2008-05-19 03:21:19 by Terror-Proof

Ummm im kinda running out of creative feed at the momont and my comps being a fuckwit so i dont know when ill be out when my next decent track.
So i might just be uplaoding demos for abit maybe not even that.
laterz guys

Acid Line?

2008-04-20 21:28:16 by Terror-Proof

I may start working on my loop acid line and turing it into a full trance song
No known date for upload so just so tuned cheers.


2008-03-29 21:10:09 by Terror-Proof

Remixs that could be coming out anytime this year, Only 3 atm:

Artist: Dream Dance Alliance
Song: Euphorica (Sunshine Mix)

Artist: Dj Scot Project
Song: R (Rock)

Artist: Dj Scot Project
Song: F (Future Is Now)

Maybe be more to update
Hopefully i'll have atelast one of these one this year for yous
If you have any question just comment me on this
Cheer guys.