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Ok so im back

2009-08-02 07:16:25 by Terror-Proof

My first ep

2009-05-19 18:45:25 by Terror-Proof

Well guys im working on my first ep called "Keep Your Profanitys To Yourself" under a my new artist name "Profanity" and will be uploaded on such site as myspace and lastfm,I have two tracks done atm and gonna try get atleast two more for the ep.

So ive got no set date for realse but you will notifyed on relase i promise you that.

Have a great week guys.

So this is goodbye.

2009-04-13 18:27:25 by Terror-Proof

Well this is it guys,im done with ng,but not fully i have one more track for you guys and it is my first fully complete dub track which is a rework of my track "Ambient Dreams" which im sure some of my yous who know my music will be familiar with.This track will be uploaded after this weeks top 5 are announced and i will be pm'ing my fans who have faved me and some of my fav artist to.

But anyways enough about that,now what i want to say is a big thanks to everyone who supported me on here,thanks for all the great reviews and votes that helped me get some of my best work on top 5 and all time top scoring and thanks to everyone who makes this great site and the audio portal what it is cause without it all i dont think id be as good and as dedicated to my music as i am today.
So once again thankyou all for you kindness and support,my fans on here will allways be apart of my music from now on and ill never forget how awesome you guys are.

Cheers and look out for me in the future ;)


2009-03-15 21:49:21 by Terror-Proof

CHECKZ IT OUT,and tell me what you think please.


2009-03-01 17:01:54 by Terror-Proof

Sorry guys but im not gonna be releasing/working on anything this year,i just feel like taking a break off for as long as i want which will prob be all this year,but if i do end up making something good enough it might be cut down and put up on here but for now im just gonna be working on learning new genres like drum n bass dubstep and just working on my mastering skills.

See you guys sometime in the near future and maybe even under a new name.


2009-01-30 12:48:49 by Terror-Proof

I have my first new track almost on completion:Svenson & Gielen-Twisted (Terror Proof Remix)
Original Here:Svenson & Gielen - Twisted

Will be trying my best to get track mainly finshed by today and released After new weeks top 5 are announced,if you are in my fav list you will get pmed when released.

60 Remixs???

2008-12-21 01:08:21 by Terror-Proof

P-1: 4Strings-Diving,
P-2: 040 ft. Erica Baxter-Dreams Lost,
P-3: Aalto-Rush,
P-4: Abnea-Velvet Moods,
P-5: Agnelli & Nelson-Everyday,
P-6: Airwave-Save Me,
P-7: Alex Bartlett-Amnesia,
P-8: Alphazone-Stay,
P-9: Angel Beat-Brightness,
P-10: Angelic-Cant Keep Me Silent,
P-11: Anti Loop-No Where To Hide,
P-12: Armin van Burren-Communication,
P-13: Armin Van Burren-Yet Another Day,
P-14: Atlantis vs Avatar-Fiji,
P-15: Ayla-Angel Falls,
P-16: Barthezz-On The Move,
P-17: Basic Dawn-Pure Thrust,
P-18: Benassi Bros ft. Sandy-Illusion,
P-19: Blank & Jones-Beyond Time,
P-20: Body Shock-Full Moon,
P-21: Breeze & Styles-Your Shining,
P-22: Breeze & Styles-Home,
P-23: Chakra-Love Shines Through,
P-24: Conjureone-Tears From The Moon,
P-25: Cosmic Gate-Back To Earth,
P-26: Dave Joy-First Impression,
P-27: Dj Centuary + Wave Traxx-Lazarus,
P-28: Dj Sammy-Heaven,
P-29: Scot Project-O,
P-30: Dj TIbby-Eternity,
P-31: E-Tape-Life,
P-32: Envio-Touched By The Sun,
P-33: Alphazone-Flashback,
P-34: Hidden Sound System-I Know You Love Me,
P-35: Ian Van Dahl-Castles In The Sky,
P-36: Jurgen Vries ft.. Shena-The Wilderness,
P-37: Kaycee-Escape,
P-38: Kyau vs Albert-Save Me,
P-39: Lightforce-Join Me,
P-40: Maneela-Im Falling,
P-41: Marc Dawn-Expander,
P-42: Matt Darey-Liberation,
P-43: Mike Koglin-Enjoy The Silence,
P-44: Miro-By Your SIde,
P-45: Nu-NRG-Last Experience,
P-46: Nudge + Shouter-Blue Lagoon,
P-47: Ocean Lab-Satellite,
P-48 :Push-Universal Nation,
P-49:RBA-No Alternative,
P-51: Robert Nickson-Spiral,
P-52: Ryan G-Emoticon,
P-53: Schattenmann-Amplifer,
P-54: Scott Bond vs Solar Stone-Red Line,
P-55: Signum-What You Got For Me,
P-56: Signum-Sound Wave,
P-57: Steve Blake-I Get A Rush,
P-58: Sun Decade-Follow You,
P-59: Super8-Create,
P-60: Tenth Planet-Ghost,

Now for me i dont expect to get all this done,cause its alot of tracks and ive only been producing for about three years.But i do have some that are all ready underway but im not gonna tell what ones there are :P.

I have also released my last two demos for 2008 so dont expect to hear anything else from me till 2009.

So merry christmas to all my fans and everyone else on here,enjoy your holidays and be safe.


Magnetized Remix!!!

2008-11-07 17:16:52 by Terror-Proof

Got a whole heap of midi files yesterday (over 250+) and was going through them all choosing which ones i shall remix.

I found this one called "DJ Snowman Presents Karuma-Magnetized".So i dont know who its originaly done by but it would be nice if someone knew,would please correct me on this for when i upload it.

Im almost done should be out either today or tomorrow,Wednesday by the lastest.

Comment this for pm when i upload.

Soultan Lord Or The Sea

2008-10-21 22:49:06 by Terror-Proof

Remake out soon,no more than a week and its sounding pretty decent atm so if you like abit of my slower hip hop-ish tracks,then this one will be worth checking out.

Comment me on here if you want me to pm you when released.

Myspace Music.

2008-09-03 02:49:11 by Terror-Proof uction

Add me if you have a myspace music page.